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The easiest way for new users to upload certificates into the library is to use the intuitive drag-and-drop method. This is done by selecting ‘Admin’ on the left-side menu and then choosing ‘COI COI Import’. The ‘Drag-and-Drop’ option will then be visible for users to use, enabling the system to do the rest of the work.

Yes, batch processing is a common practice that is routinely used by our customers.

Typically, the upload process takes around 1 to 2 minutes for each COI. However, the OCR system was developed with defined parameters that are responsible for accurately distinguishing between text, dates, and numbers. If an uploaded COI possesses a different format related to these data requirements, the certificate will require manual verification. Our verification department will then confirm the status of the COI and return it for the customer’s use within 24 hours. For convenience, the status of each COI will be displayed as ‘Complete’ or ‘Processing’.

CTrax provides comprehensive risk transfer information. In doing so, it allows for our customers to conveniently view all relevant data regarding their insurance inquiries. This permits our clients to accurately determine risk transfer liability and establish each carrier’s proper responsibility in an efficient manner that dramatically reduces the chance of human error.

CTrax is beneficial to any company or person needing to process, store, and track COIs. This can be applied in numerous situations e.g., tracking the entertainment’s insurance coverage at a child’s birthday party (to ensure that they’re covered in the event of an accident), or for a large business conference that requires participants to be named as additional insured. Whatever the event, or reason, CTrax is able to help capture all of the relevant information in an easily accessible streamlined workflow.

CTrax is beneficial to any company, or person who uses subcontractors, requires a Certificate of Insurance, or needs to track insurance liability.

Yes, the solution is easily configured by the user to automate most of the processes involved with tracking COIs as based on predefined parameters.

Yes, the program is easily configured by users to provide reminders at predetermined intervals. Reminders are usually set at 30 to 60 days prior to a certificate’s expiration.

CTrax verifies compliance based on both user preferences, and what the vendors have submitted. If the certificate does not meet these parameters, it creates a warning for the user to complete further investigation into the matter. The CTrax homepage (Dashboard) provides a convenient access point to all of the critical information within the solution, so that users can quickly determine their needs at a glance.

No, users can quickly add any provider into the system for complete comprehensive coverage. The program also comes equipped with templates for commonly used provider types, permitting multiple providers to be added at the same time.

Users are able to upload any relevant information that they deem important into the CTrax library, from there the system can be configured to recognize specific key words within these documents. However, CTrax is specifically designed to read and manage COI 25 forms and works best under these conditions.

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